Embellished Crown Cornice

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Embellished Crown Cornice

Starts $189
Today’s Trendy, Contemporary Custom Wood Cornice/Valance with Beautiful Curved Ends. These wood crowns will beautify any window with their "raised wood patterns". We darken the raised edges to enhance these designs. Select any brand/paint/sheen of your choice and we will duplicate it.

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The lengths only go to 60 inches.
Step into the future of Cornices/Valence with our innovative contemporary design. We have the most modern looking stunning cornices which are work of art yet they blend in and enhance any room in your home. We give personalized assistance to all our customers and welcome all calls / emails.



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Embellished Crowns are not available in sizes larger than 60 inches. Appliques are not available for Embellished Crowns.

Standard Clearance Depth: 4 Inches from inside to the back of the wall. We can customize the depth up to 7 inches.

Crowns over 60 inches are in two sections. You must order an Applique to cover the connecting sections. Choose one of the following.

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If you require a custom cut cornice to your specifications, we give personalized assistance, just call Nancy at 440.882.6092 anytime or email nancy@shapelyroyal.com to get advice sizes/designs/ colors etc.