Shapely Royal

At Shapely Royal, it is our mission to redefine home decor by creating exceptional and innovative products that bring joy, inspiration, and beauty to people's lives. We strive to offer high-quality Royal window crowns and Royal Shapely Frames that go beyond traditional designs, capturing the essence of cherished memories and transforming spaces into personal galleries of art.

We are committed to upholding the values of creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in every product we produce. Our team of skilled artisans and designers work tirelessly to ensure that each window crown and Shapely Frame is a masterpiece, exuding elegance and uniqueness.

We also believe in making our products accessible to everyone, without compromising on quality or design. Our commitment to affordability and inclusivity is evident in our pricing and product range.

Ultimately, our vision is to touch the lives of our customers, bringing warmth and sentimentality to their homes, and making Shapely Royal a symbol of artistic expression and lasting memories.

A word from our founder:


I am Nancy Lasch, the founder of Shapely Royal Frames and Window Crown company. Our company is all about bringing innovation and art into home decor. We have two main products that we are proud of: "window crowns," which are exquisite window cornices or pelmets that can transform any window space, and "Shapely Frames," our unique line of photo frames designed to shape around the subjects in the pictures they hold.

Our frames are not just ordinary photo frames; they are modern works of art that enhance the sentimental value of cherished memories. Each frame comes with a personalized nameplate, making them even more special and meaningful. We believe in the power of creativity and how it can add beauty and value to people's lives.