Horse Picture Frame (Red Mahogany)

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Horse Picture Frame (Red Mahogany)

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Frame Your Special Horse

The frame of a Horse Head gives added punch to your horse photo and makes it all the more special.

Frame stain: Red Mahogany

Horse Picture Frame
Frame Stain - Red Mahogany

Photo 4 x 6 inches, Maple Wood 3/4 inch thick, curved edges, approximately 12 x 12 inches, Gold or Silver Nameplate You Personally Inscribe, Removable Mounting Strip, and Drawstring Cloth Gift Bag with Gift Tag.

Customize your Order:
Inscribe your Shapley Frame Personalized Nameplate with your special message making your photo all the more special. The gold or silver nameplate is 1 x 4 inches allowing up to 4 lines. Use only 1 line or all 4 lines.

Nameplate color:   Gold         Silver

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